Journal of Krindar Hammerfall – Day 2 of our Shipwreck

Journal of Krindar Hammerfall – Day 2 of our Shipwreck

Our stout band of adventurers spent the night in our makeshift camp without incident, until early morning, when I noticed a loud commotion some distance to the West of our camp. What stirred my heart was that I recognized, amidst the clamor, the cry of at least one Brandobian voice.

Waking the crew, we equipped ourselves and set out toward the sounds, which sadly had been silenced by some terrible fight. For, we soon discovered horribly mutilated bodies strewn about the trail. Distasteful as it was, we examined the bodies and looked for items that might give us a clue as to who they were, and also to find things that might aid our own survival.

Among the dead were also hideous brutes with clubs and tribal accouterments. Upon the bodies of the humans we found a map to the island where we had washed up, and studying it gave us cold chills in spite of the warm weather. Annotated on the map were danger zones and a pirate camp.

We discovered, among the bodies, one living soul who muttered in pain and terror about patrols returning soon, about a camp and a warning that we must flee. I tried to make the fellow as comfortable as I could, but his injuries were quite severe.

We decided that instead of fleeing, we would hide amongst the trees and watch to see who would come. Our mage, who calls himself the Great Wazzoul (such a modest fellow), suggested that we might ambush the patrol if it were a small one.

A patrol did indeed sweep through the area, but their numbers seemed large to us, and they were accompanied by a dog who we thought might alert its vicious master to our location. Thankfully, the brutish masters were too ignorant to follow their dog’s braying and they moved on.

After questioning the injured man, we decided to try to find his camp and take him there. We did find said camp without too much trouble and were pleased to find a well-protected palisaded camp of humans. Unfortunately, their numbers were few, at least of healthy people. Several sick were stationed around a fire.

There were left only two healthy individuals, one of whom was some sort of assistant, and the other a rather nasty cleric of the deity of Light, whatever that is. He seemed to put on a superior air with me from the start, and his attitude was irritating enough, that had it been different circumstances, I might have felt obliged to force him to eat his words through martial might. But, seeing that we needed him and his fortified camp, I refrained from trading insults or seeking a duel.

He informed us that he had been stranded on the isle for six years, and that his band was woefully desperate for fresh water. He claimed that a pool to the South had been contaminated, and possibly poisoned, by evil beings.

He stated that there were indeed pirates who camped upon the shore, and that they were of no help whatsoever, and were, in fact, quite dangerous themselves.

We agreed to scout down to the South to see if we could investigate the pool of water and pray that the true deity I worship, The Guardian, might bestow some favor on me to assist in purifying said water.

However, upon our journey we were ambushed by a great number of the wretched beasts known as kobolds. We were outnumbered, and the fighting was fierce. All of us were wounded, except for our excellent mage, Wazzoul, who was able to summon magic forces to set fire to a group of the vermin.

He managed to escape injury. Otherwise, our brave ranger Race nearly died at the hands of the foul enemy. I suffered quite a few wounds myself, but was able, with the help of Race and our companion called Rooney, to dispatch a few.

Even Crag, the Halfling, acquitted himself well and managed to slay a few. He may, if I remember rightly, have escaped injury himself.

When it was all over, together we had slain about a dozen or more of the wicked beasts before we had to retreat to the palisade to heal our wounds. We were unable to make it to the pool of water. Let us hope that tomorrow, we will be able to complete that mission.

Manarto and Joann also acquitted themselves very well in the battle, I might add. I am fortunate that if I had to be washed up on an island, that I was able to find such brave, and capable companions to help me survive. I only pray that we do survive this terrible circumstance, and that soon we will be able to escape this dreadful island and return to civilization. Until then, we will have to rely on each other.

The League of Funny Hats!

I’m looking forward to playing some Hackmaster in a special group we’ve started on Google Plus Hangouts, called The League of Funny Hats. My husband will be running the game, and we’ll be playing with our original gaming group, who started playing Dungeons and Dragons back in the late 70s.

Not only that, but we’ll be playing with some other dear, dear friends, who all have a similar philosophy of gaming — it should be relaxed, casual, and extremely fun! To us, it’s not all about hacking, it’s about exploring, socializing with friends, and using our imaginations together in order to have a unique, friendship-strengthening, time of leisure and camaraderie.

We’ll be playing under Jolly, my brilliant hubby, who has always been so creative and good at providing a fun experience. And, we’ll all be wearing funny hats. I hope.

The funny hat thing started rather spontaneously, as we were having a character generation session and suddenly, a funny-hat competition broke out. Soon, everyone was scrambling to find the goofiest hats they owned and a gaming group theme was born. 🙂 So, soon as hubby is ready, we’ll be donning our hats and wading into some gaming fun!