Ain’t I Perfect Yet?

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This is a poem I wrote many years ago when I was going through a difficult time. God helped me have a sense of humor about it all, and I hope that sharing it will give someone a laugh to lighten their load. I also apologize for not posting a blog since December. I’ve been so busy, but also a little depressed. This month marks the second anniversary of the death of my child. It’s not my favorite of anniversaries.

But, here goes – an attempt at humor in the face of struggle.

Ain’t I perfect Yet?

I’ve been through the fires,
About as hot as they get.
My faith is being tested.
Hey, Lord, ain’t I perfect yet?
My hair’s scorched and curly,
My skin’s a bright red.
My mouth’s dry as cotton.
Hey, Lord, ain’t I perfect yet?
If the fires of tribulation
Turn your life into gold,
I ought to be a big nugget
With 24 karats stamped on my soul.
By my calculations I ought to be done.
All my prayers have been said,
All my victories won.
I don’t wanna learn no more.
Your lessons make me sweat.
I want a vacation in Alaska.
Hey, lord, ain’t I perfect yet?

God’s Reply

“No, you’re not perfect yet
“For one thing, your grammar is atrocious
“Never mind.
“So I heard you ask if you were perfect.
I hate to break it to you, but…
“Aw shucks.”
“Wait a minute child.
“You think you have been through the fire,
and it’s true, you’ve gotten close.
But you’ve never been burned like I have.
You haven’t created a world that spit in your face
You never delivered your people from enemies
Only to have them wish you were a cow.
You haven’t given your last drop of blood,
Not to mention your tears
Only to have your children make a curse word of your name.
So, no, you’re not perfect yet…
But you will be, don’t worry,
Just keep talking to me
Keep coming to the Burning Bush
Keep complaining when you’re fussy,
But I’d love it if you could see
Past your problems to all I’ve given you,
And tell me thanks or praise my name.
No, you’re not perfect yet.”
But just ask Shadrach who’s the best fireman in creation.