Responding to a Burglary

Late Easter evening, our church was broken into. Someone popped open a window, prying it loose from the frame, and clambered down a wall. From there, they broke open the pastor’s office door, the church office door (where I work), pulled a key box off the wall, opened up locked rooms and closets and took handbells, brass crosses and candlesticks, and various other items.

The Monday after Easter was supposed to be a paid holiday for me and a day off for my pastor. The week before, preparing for the holiday, had been arduous and we were both tired, though at least for me, Saturday and Sunday were days of rest, and I had Wednesday off. We are still dealing with taking care of doing things that need to be done in order to restore the church to what it was, and make it safer. There were locksmiths to call, a glass company to fix a window, our insurance company, etc.

Besides the nuts and bolts type of things, our pastor has been working to help deal with the emotional and spiritual impact the burglary has had on all of us who attend Living Faith UMC. Some older members have been at the church for a very long time, and they’re grieving from a sense of loss. I’ve only been there about five years now, in May, and the pastor since July of this year, and seeing the damage hit us in the heart too.

But, there are a lot of things to be thankful for as well. The most important thing is that nobody was hurt physically. Also, our sanctuary was untouched, we have insurance, and, it’s only “stuff” as my pastor told the papers.

One other thing to be thankful for is all of the support of people rallying around us, from other churches sending best wishes, prayers and offers of support to my great gamer friends pitching in to help, even though they have never been to my church. That is heartwarming beyond belief and we are all very thankful.

Still, the expenses are going to add up. So, I’m going to put up a link to our website in case anyone reading this feels led to donate anything. There’s a tab at the top called “Giving” in which people can give electronically.

Additionally, I thought I might offer to create RPG characters for anyone who donates, like I did when we were raising money for someone before. These would be Hackmaster or Aces and Eights characters because those are the game systems I know. But, I am also open to writing up back stories for characters from other game systems. Just let me know on Facebook via PM and I’ll do something up for you. There is a good possibility that characters created in this way will also be published in Knights of the Dinner Table, because, let’s face it, they’re ready made to drop into a page of the magazine with little effort.

Those who can’t give, or who feel like they aren’t comfortable with giving to a church, I’d appreciate maybe some good wishes. I know times are tough, and there are a lot of causes worthy of being helped.

Here is the link to our website, for those who would like to give a little to the cause.


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