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Pull up a seat and hang out with me for awhile. I enjoy company. Who am I, you may ask? I’m glad you asked. I’m Barbara Blackburn, assistant editor of Knights of the Dinner Table magazine, my husband’s creation and something I’m very proud of. I’m also a writer of quite a bit of gaming content for Kenzer and Company.

I helped my husband start Shadis magazine back in the “old days” of the 1990s, and love working with him. We make a great team, in my opinion.

But, I’ve been a writer since I was old enough to write, loving to tell stories on paper, and dream up worlds and people. Later, I got into writing poetry, and love it. I have also written dramas for churches and ministry teams and enjoy that quite a lot.

I guess when it comes down to it, I love to write and love to experiment and try all kinds of writing styles, formats and genres. You never know what I’ll have for you when you come visit. What I do believe is that you will find something done with love, experience, training and inspiration. Even the best writers need training, so I am grateful for my college education, my Army public affairs and journalism training, and the writers’ conferences and workshops I have attended, the last one last summer. I hope to never become complacent and always open to learn more. Come around and hang out.

I love meeting new people and have become close friends with many I have encountered in my time on the internet. Maybe we can become friends too.

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  1. Hey , I just missed some of your works , so today I am catching up. I love this first item , it is so good to let folks know these things. I will do better with comments as time goes by. love, mom

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